Sunday, January 15, 2012

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give others.

I must confess that I need to take my own advice.  I should have read my last blog before this competition.  I said one thing and it came back to bite me you know where.

This was a tough competition for me as the mother of a flyer.  It was the first time I saw my daughter fall out of the air, not once but twice.  Unfortunately, earlier in the morning one of our other teams had a fall and I heard people blaming a particular flyer. So, I was instantly on the defensive.  I think it is our nature as a parent to defend our kids. 

This is a team sport and no one should be blaming themselves or anyone else.  It takes a team to win and a team to lose.

This is our first competition of the season.  I am so proud of how hard our team worked all week.  They bonded together this week like no other team.

I have heard so much trash talking from athletes from other teams it is disgusting.   I am at a loss for words.  To go around and cheer on these teams and trashing the athletes on that team behind their back it is awful.   Seriously, going around talking about who has skills and who doesn't is so disgusting 

We are staying at a hotel on the beach and the teams are writing their names in the sand.  One time is called EPIC and someone wrote FAIL next to it.  Really?  Come on.  

Today, It is a new day on a different stage.   So, it is a fresh start.  



  1. Kristenroeder@hotmail.comJanuary 22, 2012 at 11:11 PM

    I have to agree with you, it's so hard to not show the anxiousness we have to others and especially our kids. With my daughter going from a level 1 flyer to a level 4 flyer in one season has been very stressful for me. I always want the team to do well BUT I want my daughter to nail it! I just try focussing on video taping and cheering her on, and not on anything negative. We also talk about her performance afterwards and I think that helps both of us relax and helps me see what she needs to work on.

  2. Coach Jennifer knightcheercoach@aol.comJanuary 23, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    I've been coaching cheerleading for 19 years. The anxiety of the parents can often be much higher than the cheerleader. And believe me, I understand. My daughters are on their second year of all stars and have moved quickly to larger and more advanced teams. It's very difficult to sit and hear others criticize. The flyer usually receives the harshest comments because she is the jewel in the crown, but I have to remind my teams and parents that the bases need to give her a sturdy and trustworthy group to work with her. However, if a flyer isn't pulling her skills in the air due to lack of flexibility, I recommend additional classes. If they can't perform each skill on the floor for 2 solid 8 counts, they can't pull it in the air. Maeflyers and balance boards are great for drills. If you feel your daughter needs assistance, please take the time to schedule a conference with her coach. Talking to a coach before, during or after a practice is generally not the best time. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck.