Tuesday, November 22, 2011

But doesn't everyone want to be a cheerleader?

I must confess that for as long as I can remember, there was always someone I knew who wanted to be a cheerleader or wanted their child to be a cheerleader.

I live in South Florida and cheerleading is a BIG deal here.  I hear all the time that there are areas that cheerleading is no big deal but I never really believed it.  Well, in Michigan at La Salle High School there was no one interested in trying out for cheerleading.  Really???  No WAY!

Well, the Mom's took the matter into their own hands.  Of course, that is what Cheer Mom's do, right?  How could their sons not have anyone to cheer for them.

Check Them out? What do you think?

My daughter would absolutely die of embarrassment and so would my son.

There were no cheerleaders at last years Super Bowl.  Do you think there will be this year?  Do you think they are just eye candy?  I say we put a real All-Star Squad out there at Half-time!

Will there be cheerleaders at this years Super bowl??  Do you think it matters?

Hope you all had a great Holiday,


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man's failures.

I must confess that I am pretty happy right now.  Yeah, confessions aren't normally about good things but they should be!  I am really happy with my blog, my business and my family.  And some of the decisions I have made.

I decided to take a step back and let my 10 year old daughter who is on a Senior 3 just work at her own pace.  I never pushed her in the past and suddenly this summer I caught myself pushing her to get her standing tuck.  She was getting frustrated and it was just a feeling I had never experienced before.  We went on vacation and I talked to some friends and it just hit me to lay off.  I did and it seems like she is progressing and is so much happier.  In my research, I came across the following link with a questionnaire for kids about their parents.  Check it Out!

There are lots of blogs popping up out there and I think mine is quite unique compared to most.  My daughter isn't the best in the World nor has she been to Worlds even to watch.  I am your average everyday "Cheer Mom" and I also tell it like it is and as they say "Don't sugar Coat it."  I don't have every kid in my house cheering not that there is anything wrong with that.  I will confess I had my son cheer one cheer and he hated it.  He just liked going to the competitions and feeling liking he was part of it rather than being forced to watch it.

I have been told in a comment from anonymous that I am living through my daughter.  Well, that is just ridiculous.  I am not what people consider the typical "cheer mom" from those stereotypes.  I did not want to be a cheerleader in high school.  I like watching my daughter do what she loves.  The days she says I want to quit, we are done.  If we are in the middle of the year, of course I will have her finish the season.

As I have said in other blog posts, I am trying to introduce my kids to other sports.  Well, we discovered why gymnastics or cheer works for her.  My daughter has allergies and asthma and outdoor sports just induce asthma attacks.  She has only ever had 1 at cheer in over 5 years.  We did find a love for photography.  I am so excited because I love it also.

So back to the stereotypes......before I had kids I saw these lifetime movies about cheerleaders.  Never were they about all-star cheerleaders though.  I think there is a HUGE difference.  It is not about popularity in All-Stars.  Nowadays though, school cheer and All-Star cheer are crossing paths.  At a High School here in Florida, there has been quite a bit of controversy over 8 black girls making the cheer squad.  The girls that did make the Varsity squad were all All-Star or former all star cheerleaders.