Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evil thoughts intrude in an unemployed mind, as naturally as worms are generated in a stagnant pool.

This blog has been coming on for a long time.  It is kind of a rant but with competition season starting for a lot of us or having already started, it is a must.

Before you make an observation of another parent in your program whether it be cheer or another sport, you need to remember a few things.
1.  There is no such thing as a secret especially when you put it on the internet or in an email or text message.
2.  There is no such thing as a secret especially in cheerleading.
3.  If you have enough time to discuss others personal lives with others in your program you may have time for at least a part-time job.
4.  Think about how much time you will spend traveling with these people in the next 5 months.

Here are some of the most common observations I hear.
1.  That Mom is a drunk, she drinks too much at competitions.  My response, if I had to spend it with you I would drink that much!  They should have an AA Booth at competitions.
2.  That Mom takes a lot of pills.  My response, maybe she has good reason to take them.  I would take Xanax also if I had to spend that much time with you!
3.  That Mom is having an affair with one of the Dad's.  I must confessed this one was about me.  Was I having an affair with that Dad? NO!  Why did this rumor start because I would rather hang out with the Dad than some of these crazy cheer moms?!  Would I have an affair with this man? HECK NO!  Why?  His wife was a crazy cheer mom?!  Actually she wasn't because if she was she would have come to competitions.  I just thought that sounded good.
4.  That Mom drinks in the parking lot and drives home with other kids in the car.  I have no excuse for this one.
5.  That Mom is having Marital problems. DON'T TOUCH THIS ONE PEOPLE! Don't mess with others marriages.  Everyone has problems.

Some people are better at keeping their problems to themselves.  I am not one of those.  IT IS WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE!  It is not always about cheer!  I may be upset about my child's messy room or bad grades or failure to hand in homework assignments.

I must confess last night I was a Crazy Cheer Mom!  Sometimes, I feel like the coaches think we are so we might as well be!  So, I would hear a parent say, I wish my daughter would get off the tumble track and work on the floor and I said "Ok, I will go Crazy Cheer Mom on her for ya!"

Mom's think before you speak and look at the person you are speaking to.  I have been to 3 Cheer gyms in 6 years.  Some of the stories go back a few years.  You might have just met that Mom.  She may seem like the nicest sweetest most innocent Mom but when she gets in her car she may call everyone on the team and repeat what you said.  The telephone game is a nasty nasty game. By the time it gets back tot he person it was said about, it will sound a lot worse than it really was.

Don't say anything you wouldn't say to a person's face.  Also, it isn't all about cheer!!!!!

If you have time to speak on the phone about cheer for at least 2 hours a day, it is time for a part-time job.  I started a bow business!  I am happier than ever.


  1. define "crazy cheer mom"'s all true..stick to your posse..but btw..lots of us don't drink LOL...these comments are meant for the select few who are in the sport just to have somewhere to party on the weeknds...

  2. I am new at this 'cheer mom' stuff and always feel a little akward and uncomfortable. The other moms are in their little cliques at competitions and I don't fit in with any of them. They all pretty much seem extremely 'stuck up' (sorry - couldn't think of another phrase or expression). Any advice anyone can give on how to - maybe - fit in? (I don't drive a fancy car and I have quit a few tattoos) Thanks in advance!

  3. I think a few things classify as certified crazy cheer mom. Every gym has them. The mom that bribes their daughter. It usually goes something like "I will give you ____ , if you get this skill, or go to this extra private" the bigger the reward, the crazier the mom:) After all, who really wants the skill. Someone is living through their kid. Also the mom that openly says their daughter is the best ever. The mom that refers to her daughter as Princess or Super Star in a public setting more than twice, she is nuts. My advice for making friends is try not to. Genuine cheer moms will accept you regardless of appearance. Just be you! I would sit back and people watch. If there is a mom that has to be friends with everyone on facebook, but talks about them when they are not around. Stay away from her. She will never be a true friend. Good luck!

  4. I agree lots of us don't drink and some of us go through phases where we give it a shot to see if it helps. I also agree that "Genuine cheer moms will accept you regardless of your appearance." Our gym owner has a few tattoos, so what? More power to you. I am too chicken! I could afford a nicer car but I would spend every 5 mins of my drive screaming at the kids to keep it clean or not eat in it. I have learned that half or more of these people are living beyond their means. Keep following my blogs....I will address this one in a future blog.