Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evil thoughts intrude in an unemployed mind, as naturally as worms are generated in a stagnant pool.

This blog has been coming on for a long time.  It is kind of a rant but with competition season starting for a lot of us or having already started, it is a must.

Before you make an observation of another parent in your program whether it be cheer or another sport, you need to remember a few things.
1.  There is no such thing as a secret especially when you put it on the internet or in an email or text message.
2.  There is no such thing as a secret especially in cheerleading.
3.  If you have enough time to discuss others personal lives with others in your program you may have time for at least a part-time job.
4.  Think about how much time you will spend traveling with these people in the next 5 months.

Here are some of the most common observations I hear.
1.  That Mom is a drunk, she drinks too much at competitions.  My response, if I had to spend it with you I would drink that much!  They should have an AA Booth at competitions.
2.  That Mom takes a lot of pills.  My response, maybe she has good reason to take them.  I would take Xanax also if I had to spend that much time with you!
3.  That Mom is having an affair with one of the Dad's.  I must confessed this one was about me.  Was I having an affair with that Dad? NO!  Why did this rumor start because I would rather hang out with the Dad than some of these crazy cheer moms?!  Would I have an affair with this man? HECK NO!  Why?  His wife was a crazy cheer mom?!  Actually she wasn't because if she was she would have come to competitions.  I just thought that sounded good.
4.  That Mom drinks in the parking lot and drives home with other kids in the car.  I have no excuse for this one.
5.  That Mom is having Marital problems. DON'T TOUCH THIS ONE PEOPLE! Don't mess with others marriages.  Everyone has problems.

Some people are better at keeping their problems to themselves.  I am not one of those.  IT IS WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE!  It is not always about cheer!  I may be upset about my child's messy room or bad grades or failure to hand in homework assignments.

I must confess last night I was a Crazy Cheer Mom!  Sometimes, I feel like the coaches think we are so we might as well be!  So, I would hear a parent say, I wish my daughter would get off the tumble track and work on the floor and I said "Ok, I will go Crazy Cheer Mom on her for ya!"

Mom's think before you speak and look at the person you are speaking to.  I have been to 3 Cheer gyms in 6 years.  Some of the stories go back a few years.  You might have just met that Mom.  She may seem like the nicest sweetest most innocent Mom but when she gets in her car she may call everyone on the team and repeat what you said.  The telephone game is a nasty nasty game. By the time it gets back tot he person it was said about, it will sound a lot worse than it really was.

Don't say anything you wouldn't say to a person's face.  Also, it isn't all about cheer!!!!!

If you have time to speak on the phone about cheer for at least 2 hours a day, it is time for a part-time job.  I started a bow business!  I am happier than ever.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

“Insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in.”

I must confess, It has been a long time since my last blog.  Yes, I am catholic and I have that catholic guilt.

There has been so much happening and I really should have been blogging but I was just too sad to blog.

I most confess and this is a big one.  I complain about Competitive Cheer and all that goes along with it but when I thought that it would all be taken away from my daughter who loves it so much I realized how much I would miss it.  It has been apart of our lives for over half of her life.

About 7 or 8 weeks ago, my daughter came home from practice and said her wrist hurt bad and she had to sit out.  She sat out during stunting which she would never do and was on the verge of tears I was told.  So, the next morning I immediately caller her orthopedist.  Since she wasn't in horrible pain, they told me the next appointment was in 3 weeks.  We go to "THE" orthopedist so it is tough to get an appointment.  My daughter has quite a history so we go to the best.  We have been seeing her since she was 3.

Let's go back over a decade, My daughter was born October of 2000.  I was told by 3 doctors I would never conceive so she was a total miracle.  I had a very good pregnancy with only 1 complication of falling down the stairs at my baby shower and landing on my bottom and breaking my tail bone.  Call it Klutzy.  She was born 10 days late and did not cry and was purple.  She was not breathing on her own and her lungs were filled with fluid.  She was rushed to another hospital with higher level NICU about 45 mins away.  She weighed 9 lbs 10 oz.  I thought big babies were healthy babies!

She was in the NICU for 5 long days.  I was released from the hospital I was in after 2 days and I spent every minute I could with her.  We were so happy to bring her home.  5 days later she came down with a high fever and we went to the ER and were admitted.  The fever mysteriosly went away after 2 days and we were sent home.  Over the next week, she slowly stopped using her left arm and it was like it was paralyzed.  I was sent to so many doctors all over.  I was sent for x'rays.  Finally, we were admitted back in the hospital and she was diagnosed with osteomyelitis.  This is a bone infection and it was found in the left arm above her elbow.  We spent weeks there and they blew every vein and eventually she got a central line put in her leg.  She received continuous antibiotics through a pump.   They did more x-rays and we were told it had gotten worse and we were told they could not help her anymore, she was getting worse and we needed to go to another hospital in Miami or Orlando.  We choose Miami and she was released and we drove straight to Miami with all of our films, etc....   We get to Miami and we wait amongst the craziness and standing room only at Miami Children's Hospital to see an amazing doctor.  He told us that what they saw was it getting better and not worse.  WHEW!  We were sent home again and had a nurse come in the morning and a nurse at night who rarely showed up.  I learned how to change the antibiotic cartridges and flush her line.  We continued to go to Miami until she was 2 years old and then we were able to see our local doctor.

For the next 6 years, every time she had pain in that arm or something orthopedic, I panicked.  I knew in my heart that our bone issues were not over.  She started gymnastics at age 3 and loved it.  She would fall off the beam, I would take her to the dr.  Her arm would hurt from working on her bar routine too hard, I would take her to the dr.  At age 5, she started cheer.  Every pain, I took her to the dr.  Never anything more than 1 muscle strain from that one time working on her bar routine.  So, when she got a bump on her leg the summer of 2010, I didn't think much of it.  I thought she is a kid, it will go away.  Well, it never did.

Now, back to the present.  We go to the appointment we waited three weeks for, they take an x-ray of her wrist and I mention the bump on her leg that never totally went away. I thought it had but it was still there and my daughter pointed it out.  My doctor is "THE" doctor, right?  So, when she called in a resident to look at her leg, I freaked.  He didn't have a good look on his face.  She knew everything, right??  So, they come back with the x-rays and the wrist was broken.  It had been for 3 weeks!  It had been healing so they put a cast on it that was removable.  BIG mistake.  She was sneaking behind my back and taking it off and tumbling until 3 parents and one of her friends told me.  So, one piece of advice from this experience always go with the permanent cast.  So, then they tell me about the leg.  They tell me she has a cyst on her bone.  OMG!  They didn't know what it was.  It could be cancer or it could be the reaction to an old break.  She never broke it.  So, we were told we needed an MRI but needed to wait for approval from insurance.  I went home and cried.  It all came back.  Next morning I call to see if they got approval.  Next appointment we could get was 5:15 but we were told we couldn't do it there they needed a more intensive MRI.  What?? Why??  I go for the MRI and then she insists on not missing cheer. An hour MRI was almost 2 hours.  She even needed an IV.  The MRI tech kept shaking and rubbing his head.  OMG!  We get out and go to cheer.  She does what she loves, right?  So, I go with it and explain it to the head coach and owner.  Next day, I call the dr office to make an appt for the reading of the MRI.  Can't get an appt for 2 weeks?!  WHAT?!  My kid may have cancer, are you crazy?  So, I make the appt and don't make a stink.  I just didn't have the energy.  They call me at noon and say can you get here by 1:20.  I race to the school and get her and bring her to the office.  They tell me she has a rare bone disease called fibrous displaysia.  They don't know much about it but they are not positive and refer me to someone in MIAMI!  An Oncologist! Miami again? Oh no!  Oncologist, Cancer?! We couldn't get an appt until 10/17.  So, we wait.  I google.  Another piece of advice, never google your kids diagnosis.  You will read horrible things.  I was prepared for the worst.  It's not cancer.  The bone around the fibrous displaysia (basically a hole in her bone) is very strong which explains the bump.  It is strong because she is an active child.  A CHEERLEADER!  Something good comes out of it.  Her left arm was so strong because she was a Cheerleader!  An All-Star Cheerleader!  So, good news is as the doctor said "You can continue your cheerleading career."  My daughter did most of the talking. Can you tell?  Career?  What is she talking about?  That is a kid with a dream.

So, I feel so much better getting that all out!  She doesn't have to go back for 6 months!  The only way she will need surgery is if her bone starts to bow.  Then she will need, bone grafting, plates & screws.  They don't think that will happen though!  YEAH!

Now, she is back in the gym and working that standing tuck.  She missed her coach so much.  Just now just needs the confidence and she will land that standing tuck.

So, if you read all those negative articles that say cheerleading is so dangerous, think again.  They aren't talking about All-Star Cheer.  They tumble on mats with certified coaches.  All of her coaches were once All-Star Cheerleaders.  High School Cheer, who is your coach?  The math teacher look for some extra cash?

I am looking forward to an amazing season with a team that has expanded and added some amazing athletes.