Monday, July 4, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.

Wow!  I must confess that I am speechless.  The world has gotten so competitive. 

Due to Facebook Rules:

I will not longer be doing promotions or giveaways on my facebook page.

When I hit 7,300 Fans on Facebook, the first 5 comments on this blog will get a Red 3 Inch Bow. 

Ok, I am not so speechless anymore.  At first, I was a little hurt to see people I know ordering bows from others but after thinking on it, there is plenty of business for everyone.  I have seen bow makers on facebook comment on stealing of designs.  It is crazy.  I just had a fellow bow maker refer me to a shop that was looking to stock bows in their store.  That is a huge compliment.  I have had a bow maker block me from commenting on their page on facebook.  I have no idea how to do that and I would never write anything negative on their page.  I have had one bow maker block me from seeing their page which is so silly because they have a website and I have friends and family who have facebook accounts and I can easily look at their page there if I want to.  A lot of times, I have someone send me a picture and say "can you make this bow?"  It done not say on it where it came from.  So, if you do not want your designs stolen then put a watermark on it. 

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Peace, Love & Cheer,


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  1. People are always looking to capitalize on others success. We love your bows and the customer service that comes along with it!

  2. You have the best prices and a quaility product. I know how to make them and I still buy from you. I have people copy my designs all the time. I don't even stress on it anymore, the good customers still continue to come back to me because they know they get a good product for a fair price and great customer service. glad to be one of your customers.

  3. I think your bows are beautiful, and well priced and will be ordering some for my whole team! Keep up the good work, and don't let the crazies get you down...

  4. Lisa, you know that no one else should ever dictate how you live your life. Keep making high quality bows. People that are not brand loyal will eventually come back. Love ya. Amy

  5. I love your bows they are so adorable!! I'm going to give your website to my cheer coach, because we need some cute good bows. All the ones we order from the cheer sites fall apart or aren't as cute. Keep it up:)