Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To bring up a child in the way he should go travel that way yourself once in a while.

I must confess that I think parents are just gettin outta hand these days and not just us Cheer Moms.  Check out this article from the Today Show.   Poor kid, Poor Coach....  


How do you know you need a Parental Intervention???  Is there a 12 Step Program for this??  Is there a program for everything?

Here is a good one that I am going to use myself:

Before you nag, criticize, praise or over-explain, remember the slogan W.A.I.T.: “why am I talking?”

I must confess that today myself I could have used this.......my daughter is pretty close to a skill and just won't throw it.  I keep nagging and criticizing.  Maybe I need to post this as the home screen on my Iphone?!   LOL!

For more see this article:

Here is the issue that is bugging me the most......All-Star v. School Cheerleading.  As some of you know I live in South Florida and there is some major debate going on regarding the Park Vista Cheerleading squad.  I predict this will be on the today show before school start in August.


Should the school cheerleading squad be representative of the school?  If there are a certain amount of spots should 21% go to kids with the last names that end in EZ (like my kid) and 11% go to students who are black.  Most of us were all born here in the US and are AMERICANS!  It should go to the kids with the best skills for the team.  Now, comes the All-Star debate.  It seems that the team is represented almost entirely by girls who are or have been All-Star Cheerleaders.  So, then comes the new debate......MONEY!  These kids could afford private lessons when the other kids could not.  No matter how you look at it, there is going to be a debate.  From what I have read on facebook, certain states have rules that disallow girls from competing on school teams and all-star teams.  It seems like here in Florida, every coach has his/her own set of rules.  Some won't pick you if you do all-star cheer because there are too many conflicts with scheduling.  Some all-star squads practice at all-star gyms and girls claim they were not selected because they are from the rival all-star gym.  In some states like Michigan, where all-star cheerleading isn't has hardcore as it is in the South, they like girls who do all-stars because of their skills.  Well, the coaches do but the other girls resent it.

My daughter whose last name ends in EZ (lol), wants nothing to do with High School cheer.  She thinks shaking your pom-pom's is different than what she does.  This is exactly how she says but she's 10.  She considers All-Star cheerleading a sport and people should be cheering her on!

In the end, my advice is Let the kids play, don't steal their childhood.  10 or 20 years from now, I don't want to hear why was I always at cheerleading or baseball.  So, our next stop this summer on the rotation of extracurricular activities is golf!  You get too serious about Cheer or any other sport, you are just going to embarass yourself and end up the subject of the next lifetime movie.

Peace, Love & Cheer,

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