Monday, May 16, 2011

"Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." -Art Linkletter

If you as a parent are too involved in your  child's sport, it can make your life and your child miserable, kill your enjoymen, their enjoyment and absolutely ruin their athletic performance. Pushy parents can cause choking and other performance problems, and turn your child into a sports dropout statistic. While many over-involved parents mean well and may say that they are doing all this for their kid, the fact of the matter is that they have lost perspective on the sport and their child and are responding to their own needs and feelings. They need parents’ love and support to become successful, it will be almost impossible for them to reach their athletic dreams with parents who are over-involved. A parent’s major role on the “team”, (parent, athlete, coach) is to be unconditionally supportive. That is, to love and support their child regardless of how they perform. Winning parents are their kids “best fans.” They are there for their child no matter what the outcome. 

I must confess I have reached my limit of baseball Dad's.  I will take Cheer Mom's over baseball Dad's any day.   This poor kid is an amazing baseball player and I stood in the dugout and listened to him yell at his kid the whole game.  Every time his son went to bat, he was too busy looking at his Dad and not listening to the coach who happens to be my husband.  What happens, he strikes out every time.  What do they parents do this??   

Now back to cheer,

I must confess sometimes I fall into that trap and I become that parent who is borderline pushing possibly encouraging their kid to get that next skill.   I am not like that with my son in baseball but with my daughter in cheerleading I am.  When 4 coaches say she has a skill and she won't throw it, it is just so frustrating for me.  

It is a new season and I am so excited.  The first practice the kids looked amazing and better than they did half way through last season.

What is up with these cheer mom's and their power playing?  It obviously works because they go check out other gyms and then the gym they were at gives them what they want and they go back.   Does the gym need the revenue or the kid?  A new gym has opened in our area and there seems to be a lot of power playing going on.  The coaches at the gym are amazing and I am sure it will be a successful program but I just hate the games.  

Anyhow,  I am busy with the bows so back to work.  New boys and lots on sale!

Peace, Love & Cheer,


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