Sunday, April 3, 2011

That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other competitions. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.

I must confess it feels pretty damn good when you can prove someone wrong.  I love my daughter's former coach with all my heart but you don't my daughter she would never fly in her gym.  She said she was not built for it.  But last weekend, she saw my daughter fly and hit both days.  She stood backstage with one of her coaches and stared at my daughter as she warmed she hit it in warm-ups.  I am so proud of my 10 yr old.  That is so much pressure.  I would have cracked but she didn't.  Did it make her nervous?  She says no, it just made her want to hit the stunts even more.

I must confess and I feel bad to say this but it is all about confessions, right?  It felt good to hear the other parents from our former gym, say WOW!  she is better than so and so.  It felt good to hear that one parent said to another, I bet she is not to happy she let that kid go.  I think I would have asked my daughter to stay if she had at least once tried to put my daughter up.  I am not one of those crazy cheer moms whose daughter has to fly.  I am just a crazy human being who things everyone should get a chance.

Yeah, my old gym won some jackets and my child's team came in 3rd but they hit their stunts both days.  They had a few touchdowns day 1 but none on day 2.  It was the best they ever performed.  It was the best weekend.  My husband came up with my son and we hung out with some nice parents.  There was barely any drama.  It is sports so, I have to admit there was a little drama but not like at my old gym.

I apologize for not blogging in a long time but I have been pretty busy with Just Cheer Bows, Cheer Competitions and being sick.  I am also wrapping up my last year as a tax preparer. I am done!

I must confess I am rocking the bow world.

I have come up with some great designs and I am not selling lots of keychains bows!

Anyhow, I have more to blog...can't wait to share the baseball drama. LOL!

Peace, Love & Just Cheer Bows,


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  1. I've had a similar situation happen to me recently. I was told that I was not fit for coaching when asked if I could work/coach at the cheer gym I had cheered at for the past 5 years. Once it came time for me to graduate high school and not be able to cheer anymore, I thought that coaching would be a great idea to be able to stay involved with everything and stay a part of the program that I loved. After being told that my gym was not hiring at the time (later to find out they were actually diligently searching for a part time coach at the time I was asking and did not offer me the job because they felt I would not be good enough) another offer fell into my lap. I'll admit at first I was a little hesitant to take the position because this gym was not well known and my big ego at the time felt that I might have been "too good" for them. But I swallowed my pride and took the job and my team I coached actually ended up to be my old gym's biggest rival this past season. It felt so great to prove my old coaches and gym owners wrong. That I COULD coach and I could even be a threat.