Sunday, July 11, 2010

The love of a family is one of God's Greatest Gifts!

I must confess, I have let little things bother me about cheerleading that shouldn't due to my family issues.  I want to apologize to anyone who has felt my wrath.  It was pretty bad. I am so sorry.

My Mother has been hospitalized since this past Wednesday.  She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and all these family issued have led to her illness being worse than it should be.  I apologize for any part I have played in it.  My Mom looks fantastic and is in great physical shape that we all forgot sometimes that she is not well.  I will miss talking to my Mother about things in my life but I can no longer discuss things that may worry her.  I also need to stop worrying about things like cheerleading.  My daughter is 9.  If she doesn't care, I don't care.  Let her have fun.  I may have to post sticky notes all over the house as a reminder but I a gonna do it. 

I must confess, I have sought professional help for my issued.  It has helped me tremendously and I have learned to communicate better.   Everyone needs to communicate and not via email or twitter or facebook.....old fashion telephone.  I have talked to my father this week more than I have in 6 months.   My sister won't talk to me but when she is ready to talk to me, I am here.  I just want to move forward and not re-hash the past. 

Thank God for Family! 

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