Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart!" e.e. cummings

Since the name of my blog is confessions of an All-Star Cheer Mom, I am going to start every blog with "I confess" so Here goes................

I confess that I have no idea how I am going to afford the season.  I confess that I am finally going to share a room with someone.  I am not a sharing room kinda gal but I guess I need to suck it up and not be so difficult to room with or too embarrassed with my daughters behavior when her hair needs to be done.  So, I confess that sometimes I am a little embarrassed by my child.  I also confess to being a control freak.  Wow, I am full of confessions today. 

I am very lucky to have access to a lot of fundraisers this season that we haven't in the past.  My money situation in life hasn't changed but I am not getting ahead and things just seem to get more expensive.  This year I also have a safety patrol trip to pay for.  It seems like I never do for me and only for them and if I share a room it should make things cheaper and I will be able to do more for me.

So, we have 9 competitions this season!  Obviously, they don't know the word local.  We only have 2 without over nights.  So I will be spending about a dozen nights in a hotel at $99 a night average.

My daughter is crossing over this year also so that means additional competition fees which I don't know yet.  UGH!  Everything seems so up in the air.  I am so RIGID!

Anyhow, still trying to figure out how to put a signature on my blog.  Any help???

Peace Love & Cheer

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