Monday, June 7, 2010

What happens at Camp....Stays at Camp!

Well, my daughter is off at cheer camp at Woodward in Pennsylvania,  Trying to get things out of her is like getting a prisoner to confess.  Yesterday she called me 8 times.  Today only 3.  She is so happy and excited though. I really can't complain. 

She is working on her tuck and her layout, she is determined to get it.  She said she will go to every open gym all week until she gets it!  Wow!  I have never seen this determination. 

I have been nagging her for 3 pictures a day! 

I am getting so much done so far with the kids at camp.  I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets.  Boy do we own a lot of products.   Tomorrow, I do the kitchen cabinets...I am know pathetic.

Well, thats about it!  And I am trying to figure how to create a signature for my blog.

Peace, Love & Cheer


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