Friday, June 18, 2010

She's BAAAACKKKK but now she's gone!

Well, she came back from camp on Sunday.  No tears all week until the airport when the alarm was going off non-stop, it was pouring rain and the flight was delayed.  Understandable! 

So, she landed an hour later and we went out to dinner with another cheer camp family.  I went in her bag when we got to the restaurant to check the pictures she bought.  Last year they were crushed.  Well, we openned the bag and my husband made me seal it up fast before the odor got past the truck into the rest of his car.  He said it was like an "Entity"!  Boy was he right, It took days and lots of glade plug-ins, febreze and odor-eaters to get rid of it.  Anything her stuff touched began to smell like it.  So now the only thing that smells is her shoes..... Understandable!

Next morning it was time to go to Choreography camp at 8 am!  Understandable, NOT! But she was ready to go,  8-1, was coach crazy??  These girls are exhausted.  I heard there were a few tears over her power hurdle something something tuck.   I got there at 1 and she didn't want to leave!  So, they let her stay.  Well, not such a good idea.  They asked her to be on the team who had choreography after hers!  Sp, every day this week she has been there 8-1 and 4-8.  I didn't see her all week!

Now, she is off on a cruise with her grandparents.  It was not fun packing another bag but at least it was not gym clothes.  My wash consisted of red and black for days! 

So, she got her layout at camp and perfected the tumbling skills she has.  Choreography has been great.  She has great spots in the routine.  She is front and center for jumps!!!  It is a triangle and she is the point!  She has a tumble pass at the beginning and during everyones passes!!!!!   She came back from camp with more videos than pictures.  She posted one of a toilet on facebook from camp.  That was embarrassing!  There is a 25 min video of someone telling a story and to top it off a video of one of the girls standing on the toilet with her but in the area plunging away. NICE! 

Best of all, they got to really bond.  Some of these girls are girls she has been with for 3 years but never really bonded with.  They had the older girls in a connected cabin and they really took the younger ones under their wings and were mentors. 

I did get one call from the camp when she got kicked in the head and had a goose egg on her head......funny part was none of the younger girls knew what that meant!!!  She was fine and went back to stunting!  OMG! 

So, now I am all alone to gather my thoughts......SCARY!!

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