Monday, May 31, 2010

It's not a phase.......

I apologize for not posting a blog in so long....this is my first in 2010.  It was the longest and most difficult cheer season of my life.  The schedule was right on with the busiest time of tax season.  I think I lost a lot of friends this season,,,,well, then they weren't really friends anyhow. 

I found a fantastic job that I absolutely loved and between the job tax season and the cheer competition schedule, I just about lost my mind.  I had to take time off to make it to those friday night practices at the Orlando Allstars Gym.  That did not sit well with my new employers even though they told me I had a flexible schedule.  So, after I took a day off which of course they have no record of me telling them, they worte me up within a week of my 90 days.  It was like they were just documenting enough to fire me. Of course, I was on salary and always worked more than I was hired for.  Anyhow, I lost that job the week before our last competition season.  How?  Well, I asked to go back to my original part-time hours and one of my bosses said sure and the other said no...confusing but that was just the atmosphere there.  I figured out who really made the decision around there.  One guy really ran the show, the other was just there for his name.  Anyhow, I was asked what I really did and I was told they would need to hire a "real" controller to replace and they offered to let me stay at part-time with a 30% paycut.  Needless to say, I realized my family was more important.  So, I took that afternnon to think went back in and told the man in charge in a very professional manner that he handled this very unprofessionally and if he had handled it differently I made have stayed but I shook his hand and went on my way.  And ofcourse, I was blamed for every problem after I left.

I am proude of my daughter she put up with me this season out of her love of the sport.  She was on her 4th cheer season and she went out there and performed consistently throughout the season.  There was only one competition where she had a fit.  Thankfully, our team mom handled it all backstage.  She even handled all the hormonal and body changes that hit this year.  She know has curves and was having issues with her skirt.  LOL!  She is 9.  Pediatrician said mine is going through puberty early, she is latin.  This is where I start cussing in Spanish (I am an irish girl from NY).  Just kidding, I don't know any spanish cuss words.

This was a crazy season.  It started the first weekend in december and ended the 2nd weekend in April.  At one point, we came how from a competition to get on the road for the next one the following weekend.  I swear....Orlando is NOT the happiest place on Earth...It is where ALL cheer competitions are held.  I think we went to Orlando 5 times.  We hit Tampa, Atlanta, Boca, West Palm Beach...did I miss any??  It was like a blur. 

Tryouts came before we knew it...ugh!  5 days of clinics and then a 6th day of tryouts!!!  She came home excited everyday as she mastered her level 3 skills.  There were days she called from the car to tell me what she did that day.  Well, it clicked for me that this is her sport.  I am lucky she found it at such a young age.  I haven't had to take her to a million activities to figure it out.  She did gymnastics which turned into this.  During that time she did dance, hated it.  She did Soccer hated it (I was her Coach, Oy Vey!) and did rec cheer which she like but all she wanted was to fly and tumble.  She said no Pom-Pom's Mama.  I was like WTF??  That's what cheerleading is....Honestly, I never liked the cheerleaders when I was in school.  Then I realized she wanted to do cheerleading like she said on ESPN MA!  What does a 5 yr old know about ESPN?  Ahhhh the DH.  Gee, thanks!

So, the new season has begun and she is finally a level 3, AMEN! Thank you lord!  She can finally do something challenging.  Another reason I knew it wasn't a phase...she waited a year to use the skills she had. 

Well, I am off to plan the summer week by week.  I have only 2 weeks planned.  Any ideas??

Here's to 2010-2011 Competition Season!

Peace, Love & Cheer

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