Monday, December 13, 2010

Mental attitude is more important than mental capacity.

I must confess, I am not always properly focused mentally when it comes to cheerleading but do you know any cheer mom who is??

I confess that it is more about attitude then what you can actually handle!  So, I am focusing on my attitude and it WORKS!  I am so excited for this cheer season!  I am Team Mom along with another lady and she is a lot of fun.  The girls got their gear this past week and I love the way the owners put it all together for them.  The makeup is awesome and our team shirts ROCK!  Our uniform bottom are a little but on the small side but they are what they are and they only have to wear them for 2:30 and awards.  It is not like they are wearing them to school. 

We had a little holiday gathering after yesterday's practice which was absolutely amazing!  Our Coaches (King & Queen) are doing a great job with our princesses (Senior Red).  Sticker Shop Unlimited did some great gifts for them!

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My Business Just Cheer Bows is doing great!  I am a little frustrated with the website process but I am going to do some work on Etsy until I can get it up and going!  Check me out on Facebook

Peace, Love & Cheer,

Monday, December 6, 2010

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

I must confess it is really hard to be the mom of a flyer. The stress and the pressure is more than I ever imagined. I think it is more than what my daughter expected also.

When we switched gyms this year, we were told my daughter would fly but we weren't guaranteed a spot. I never even thought that there was a chance she wouldn't. Well, we are getting down to the end and we had to drop from 5 stunt groups to 4 stunt groups with front spots. So, it is between my daughter and her friend. This is tough. She is amazingly flexible but she is having a hard time staying up at times.

I apologize for not blogging in a while. I was on a roll for a while. Well, I have decided to put my love of crafts to work and I started Just Cheer Bows. I have now done 2 teams and I am planning on doing a competition on January 15th in Florida. I am so proud of myself. Everyone always wondered how I ended up being an accountant.

Click Below to Check on my website.  Pardon the Dust!

Just Cheer Bows

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Peace, Love & Cheer Bows,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." ---Oprah Winfrey

I must confess I thought I had lots of friends but I realized that all I need is one really good friend.  I saw this quote from Oprah Winfrey and I couldn't wait to blog about it.

We meet all these parents in our kids sports.  We spend a lot of time with them traveling to competitions.  We may think they are our best friends but just wait until you leave that gym and move to another, everything changes.  This especially happens when you travel to a gym that is far from your home.  Most of those kids don't go to your kids school.  Do you consider cheerleading a place for your child to make friends or is this a competitive team??  There is nothing wrong with either choice.  My daughter cheers as a sport not to make friends.  So, when we switched gyms this year she didn't care whether these girls were her friends or not.  It was actually harder for me.  I still talk to some of the parents in the old gym but things have totally changed.  I am okay with it though.  There is no drama in my life (see my last blog post!).

You are most likely not going to meet the person to keep all your secrets at your kids Cheer Gym or Baseball team.  If you do, great but don't count on it.  You are all there for one common goal, your child.   

I am obsessed with making bows lately.  Check out my latest!

I have actually met a lot of great people on the network below:

Cheer Moms Online Interactive Network

Come Check it Out!

Peace, Love & Cheer

Monday, November 1, 2010

“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.”

I must confess sometimes I choose the wrong people to associate with.  BIG SHOCK, huh? Not!

I think we all get involved with our kids sports and get involved with the drama once in a while.  My question to you "How to you get out of it once you are in it?"  
I wish I had the answer to this question.  Well, the one thing I know is that it is not realistic in life to think that everyone will like you.  I personally want to be liked by everyone so every once in a while I have to remind myself that it's just not normal.  I know how to avoid getting involved with the drama from the beginning but if you can't start over then what do you do?  

We have to remember why we are there.  We are there for the kids not for ourselves.  Yes, we don't want to be miserable while we are there but we can't care what anyone else thinks.  I think there is always a flavor of the month.  After a while, they will find someone else to talk to or talk about.  So, back away from those people who pull you into the drama.  It will pass.  If you have too much time on your hands, well get a job, find a hobby or clean the house!  You can do it!!

 Peace, Love & Cheer

Sunday, October 31, 2010

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.”

I must confess, I tend to judge other parents by how they behave with their children.  I try not to but sometimes you just can't help it.  Well, God always has a way of swooping in at the right time and giving me a sign.

Yesterday, I got to know one of the most amazing people today.  When you have children involved in sports you see a side of some parents you just don't understand.  Parents want to see their children succeed, but for various different reasons.  Some people just are naturally competitive and like to win at all costs.  But some parents want their kids to be the best that they can be and live life to the fullest.  Sometimes, parents know how to motivate their kids.  It may not be home we choose to do it but it works for them.  I personally hate to be judged but who likes to be judged, right??  I have tried not to judge but sometimes when the others around you are, it is hard not to.  

This amazing person, she lives for her son.  I don't know what made her feel like she could tell me about herself but she did and I am so glad she did.  I am not happy she has had to endure the things she has in life but I am happy I got to know her better. I never judged her but a few others have commented on how intense she is with her son.  So, before you judge someone get to know them.  There is usually a reason why they are the way they are.

Well, today is my son's 7th birthday! Yes, a Halloween Baby!!!! 


Peace, Love & Cheer

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

I must confess I felt like a crazy cheer mom last night!  This has led me to the question of whether practices and tumbling should be Open or Closed?!

As you all know, I was at a gym for 3 years and practices were closed.  Tumbling, some parents stayed but most did not.  I stayed maybe 3 times in 3 years.  Last night, my daughter was tumbling and she fell tumbling.  She landed right on her back and was crying and not getting up.  I could have ran out there or jumped over the wall on to the floor like a superhero (cape and all).  I always joked with the cheer moms at my old gym about whose turn it was to have the "CAPE."  The coach new she was fine because of how she landed.  Our coach is awesome, he cheered for Top Gun last year.  So, it is very comforting to have a World Champion Top Gun Cheerleader out there with your child.  He was right.  She was fine.  He made her go back and do it again which is what I would have made her do.  

Anyhow, I am starting to think I may have to stay out of the gym for a couple practices over I might get a little crazy!

Peace, Love & Cheer

Friday, October 29, 2010

“Guilt is regret for what we’ve done. Regret is guilt for what we didn’t do.”

I must confess, I am dying for cheer season to begin!!!  I can't wait to see my daughter in her new uniform.  I can't wait to hear the music.  I can't wait for the makeup and the glitter. 

My daughter had an amazing practice last night.  I am totally enjoying being able to watch her practice at this gym.  At the gym we were at the past 3 years, we could not watch.  This is her fifth year of All-star cheer and her first year as a flyer.  She is working so hard and I am so proud of her.  What comes along with success of our children also comes with the insecurities of others.  Sometimes, we have to remember that when our children are doing well, others may not.  This leads to jealousy and envy.  I am guilty of it myself but what about the kids, do they think about that?  I think we need to teach our kids not to look at the successes of their teammates but to look at the team as a whole and their individual achievements. 

Do you talk about the other athletes in the gym in front of yours?  How about the other parents?  It is really hard, isn't it?  It may be frustrating to deal with drama amongst the parents which is inevitable, but we must do everything in our power to make sure we do not discuss it in front of our kids.  We should not talk about parents, coaches or other athletes in front of them.  Kids don't understand and will most likely repeat what you have said and as they say "There is no such thing as a secret in Cheerleading!"

Peace, Love & Cheer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

I must confess it has been a long time since I have done a blog but I have had some amazing reasons!

My daughter switched gyms this season as you have read in my previous blog.  So, I have been kind of taking that all in and absorbing it.  It is going well but I can honestly say I really miss the owner of our previous gym.  She is not only a great coach but an amazing and dedicated individual.  I love her like family which is why it made the switch so hard for me.  It was easier on my daughter who I call the "Tween", she wanted to fly and change has been good for her.  It has been great for me as well.  The practice times are so much better for us as a family.  I am less stressed and when Mom is less stressed so is everyone else. The new gym is setup differently and I am very pleased with the structure of the gym.  The owners are two great moms who run the gym together.  They both have athletes in the gym and they don't coach.  I think they can really relate to the parents since they are parents themselves ("Cheer Moms").  They have a head coach and a team of coaches.  Each team has two coaches who are the official coaches for that team.  They all have different levels of experience and have a lot to offer.  They are all different ages and sexes. 

Most importantly, I have become more involved in something that has become my passion.!!!  I have successfully helped recruit over 5,000 fans to their Facebook page.  We have an amazing product line with Sticker Shop Unlimited.  I have met some good contacts in the past 4 years and now I am able to utilize them.  There are so many amazing things yet to come with Cheer Moms!  You are just going to have to tune in.

THERE ARE SOME AMAZING GIVEAWAYS RIGHT NOW!!  So, go on and order your Cheer Mom gear!!!  The first one to post a picture on our facebook page with their gear gets a great prize!

Peace, Love & Cheer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jealous haters make us smile, they spend their life cloning our style. Nothin' better to do with their time, they'll even try to copy our rhyme. Ain't none like us, as you can see, we the best, so let it be. JJ and Lil JJ

I must confess I am so happy I made the leap and switched to a new cheer gym!

Our whole family is so much happier.  My daughter is on a Senior 3 team at Palm Beach Lightning.  She is finally getting to fly like she has always wanted to.  I am so proud of how hard she has worked these past couple of weeks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The love of a family is one of God's Greatest Gifts!

I must confess, I have let little things bother me about cheerleading that shouldn't due to my family issues.  I want to apologize to anyone who has felt my wrath.  It was pretty bad. I am so sorry.

My Mother has been hospitalized since this past Wednesday.  She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and all these family issued have led to her illness being worse than it should be.  I apologize for any part I have played in it.  My Mom looks fantastic and is in great physical shape that we all forgot sometimes that she is not well.  I will miss talking to my Mother about things in my life but I can no longer discuss things that may worry her.  I also need to stop worrying about things like cheerleading.  My daughter is 9.  If she doesn't care, I don't care.  Let her have fun.  I may have to post sticky notes all over the house as a reminder but I a gonna do it. 

I must confess, I have sought professional help for my issued.  It has helped me tremendously and I have learned to communicate better.   Everyone needs to communicate and not via email or twitter or facebook.....old fashion telephone.  I have talked to my father this week more than I have in 6 months.   My sister won't talk to me but when she is ready to talk to me, I am here.  I just want to move forward and not re-hash the past. 

Thank God for Family! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart!" e.e. cummings

Since the name of my blog is confessions of an All-Star Cheer Mom, I am going to start every blog with "I confess" so Here goes................

I confess that I have no idea how I am going to afford the season.  I confess that I am finally going to share a room with someone.  I am not a sharing room kinda gal but I guess I need to suck it up and not be so difficult to room with or too embarrassed with my daughters behavior when her hair needs to be done.  So, I confess that sometimes I am a little embarrassed by my child.  I also confess to being a control freak.  Wow, I am full of confessions today. 

I am very lucky to have access to a lot of fundraisers this season that we haven't in the past.  My money situation in life hasn't changed but I am not getting ahead and things just seem to get more expensive.  This year I also have a safety patrol trip to pay for.  It seems like I never do for me and only for them and if I share a room it should make things cheaper and I will be able to do more for me.

So, we have 9 competitions this season!  Obviously, they don't know the word local.  We only have 2 without over nights.  So I will be spending about a dozen nights in a hotel at $99 a night average.

My daughter is crossing over this year also so that means additional competition fees which I don't know yet.  UGH!  Everything seems so up in the air.  I am so RIGID!

Anyhow, still trying to figure out how to put a signature on my blog.  Any help???

Peace Love & Cheer

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheerleading is as much a sport as Chess?

Jeff Webb, CEO of Varsity Brands was quoted as saying "Competitive Cheerleading is as much a sport as Chess"  See article Cheerleading; Is it a Competitive Sport?

Well, if chess gave my daughter the muscle tone and physical conditioning that she gets from cheer then sign me up.  But, it doesn't and it never will.  I can just give you one word describing how I feel about this comment without cussing.....I am just PISSED!

Why doesn't Jeff Webb want cheerleading to be a sport??  Well, pure greed.  This is a business to him.  He even makes money if you file a grievance at a competition.  Some competitions it costs you $100 to just complain.  There are competitions where we are charged $25 a day to get in to watch two mins and 30 seconds of our childs routine. 

What is the definition of a sport?
Definition of a Sport

What is the definition of a recreation?
Definition of Recreation

Well, what do you think?  Sure sounds like a sport, huh?

I think what will happen is that cheer will be broken up into 2 categories and one will be considered a sport under Title whatever..... and the other will still be owned by Varsity. 


Friday, June 18, 2010

She's BAAAACKKKK but now she's gone!

Well, she came back from camp on Sunday.  No tears all week until the airport when the alarm was going off non-stop, it was pouring rain and the flight was delayed.  Understandable! 

So, she landed an hour later and we went out to dinner with another cheer camp family.  I went in her bag when we got to the restaurant to check the pictures she bought.  Last year they were crushed.  Well, we openned the bag and my husband made me seal it up fast before the odor got past the truck into the rest of his car.  He said it was like an "Entity"!  Boy was he right, It took days and lots of glade plug-ins, febreze and odor-eaters to get rid of it.  Anything her stuff touched began to smell like it.  So now the only thing that smells is her shoes..... Understandable!

Next morning it was time to go to Choreography camp at 8 am!  Understandable, NOT! But she was ready to go,  8-1, was coach crazy??  These girls are exhausted.  I heard there were a few tears over her power hurdle something something tuck.   I got there at 1 and she didn't want to leave!  So, they let her stay.  Well, not such a good idea.  They asked her to be on the team who had choreography after hers!  Sp, every day this week she has been there 8-1 and 4-8.  I didn't see her all week!

Now, she is off on a cruise with her grandparents.  It was not fun packing another bag but at least it was not gym clothes.  My wash consisted of red and black for days! 

So, she got her layout at camp and perfected the tumbling skills she has.  Choreography has been great.  She has great spots in the routine.  She is front and center for jumps!!!  It is a triangle and she is the point!  She has a tumble pass at the beginning and during everyones passes!!!!!   She came back from camp with more videos than pictures.  She posted one of a toilet on facebook from camp.  That was embarrassing!  There is a 25 min video of someone telling a story and to top it off a video of one of the girls standing on the toilet with her but in the area plunging away. NICE! 

Best of all, they got to really bond.  Some of these girls are girls she has been with for 3 years but never really bonded with.  They had the older girls in a connected cabin and they really took the younger ones under their wings and were mentors. 

I did get one call from the camp when she got kicked in the head and had a goose egg on her head......funny part was none of the younger girls knew what that meant!!!  She was fine and went back to stunting!  OMG! 

So, now I am all alone to gather my thoughts......SCARY!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What happens at Camp....Stays at Camp!

Well, my daughter is off at cheer camp at Woodward in Pennsylvania,  Trying to get things out of her is like getting a prisoner to confess.  Yesterday she called me 8 times.  Today only 3.  She is so happy and excited though. I really can't complain. 

She is working on her tuck and her layout, she is determined to get it.  She said she will go to every open gym all week until she gets it!  Wow!  I have never seen this determination. 

I have been nagging her for 3 pictures a day! 

I am getting so much done so far with the kids at camp.  I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets.  Boy do we own a lot of products.   Tomorrow, I do the kitchen cabinets...I am know pathetic.

Well, thats about it!  And I am trying to figure how to create a signature for my blog.

Peace, Love & Cheer


Friday, June 4, 2010

“If you don't like their rules, whose would you use?" Charlie Brown

So, I got a call on my cell from Coach....this usually means her butt or her purse called me.   Well, this time that wasn't the case.

My issue with the gym is that they make a lot of rules and don't enforce them. They did tonight!  This is the 3rd time I have seen Coach strictly enforce the rules and I am likin it!!!I am so proud.

My daughter doesn't want to follow the rules  if she sees others breaking them.  She hates putting her hair in a "High Pony""  I understand because she has a lot of hair but she has total fits over her hair.  She got to the gym and her hair wasn't not up and Coach asked her to put it up and my daughter refused and wouldn't speak to her.  My daughter is 9.  This is Ridiculous.  She made her sit out the entire time.  I was so happy.  We have been battling hair for 4 yrs.  I think this may have done it.  Plus, I didn't drop her off so I was not happy to get the call and when I got on the phone with her, I think she realized how mad I was.

I am done with the attitude and disrespect. 

Peace Love & Cheer


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer's here and the time is right for???? WOODWARD!

Woodward Cheer Camp is absolutely amazing!  This time last year, I was a nervous wreck.  It was her first time going away.  This year I am so excited for her. 

I just hope that I don't get a call on Weds with the waterworks like last year,  she was fine when I talked to her at dinner time then by bed time she was a mess.  I asked why and she said because everyone else is crying.  Well, as they say "if they all jumped off a bridge, would you??" 

Her goal this year is to master her standing tuck and work on her layout.  Level 4 Skills, I don't know if I candle this. 

Today, it was the last day of school.  They are already driving me nuts.  My daughter wants to do the Ouija Board and my son Jenga....  They are already getting on each others nerves.  I am excited for woodward but wondering how to keep just my son busy for a week alone.

Well, wish me luck.

Peace, Love & Cheer


Monday, May 31, 2010

It's not a phase.......

I apologize for not posting a blog in so long....this is my first in 2010.  It was the longest and most difficult cheer season of my life.  The schedule was right on with the busiest time of tax season.  I think I lost a lot of friends this season,,,,well, then they weren't really friends anyhow. 

I found a fantastic job that I absolutely loved and between the job tax season and the cheer competition schedule, I just about lost my mind.  I had to take time off to make it to those friday night practices at the Orlando Allstars Gym.  That did not sit well with my new employers even though they told me I had a flexible schedule.  So, after I took a day off which of course they have no record of me telling them, they worte me up within a week of my 90 days.  It was like they were just documenting enough to fire me. Of course, I was on salary and always worked more than I was hired for.  Anyhow, I lost that job the week before our last competition season.  How?  Well, I asked to go back to my original part-time hours and one of my bosses said sure and the other said no...confusing but that was just the atmosphere there.  I figured out who really made the decision around there.  One guy really ran the show, the other was just there for his name.  Anyhow, I was asked what I really did and I was told they would need to hire a "real" controller to replace and they offered to let me stay at part-time with a 30% paycut.  Needless to say, I realized my family was more important.  So, I took that afternnon to think went back in and told the man in charge in a very professional manner that he handled this very unprofessionally and if he had handled it differently I made have stayed but I shook his hand and went on my way.  And ofcourse, I was blamed for every problem after I left.

I am proude of my daughter she put up with me this season out of her love of the sport.  She was on her 4th cheer season and she went out there and performed consistently throughout the season.  There was only one competition where she had a fit.  Thankfully, our team mom handled it all backstage.  She even handled all the hormonal and body changes that hit this year.  She know has curves and was having issues with her skirt.  LOL!  She is 9.  Pediatrician said mine is going through puberty early, she is latin.  This is where I start cussing in Spanish (I am an irish girl from NY).  Just kidding, I don't know any spanish cuss words.

This was a crazy season.  It started the first weekend in december and ended the 2nd weekend in April.  At one point, we came how from a competition to get on the road for the next one the following weekend.  I swear....Orlando is NOT the happiest place on Earth...It is where ALL cheer competitions are held.  I think we went to Orlando 5 times.  We hit Tampa, Atlanta, Boca, West Palm Beach...did I miss any??  It was like a blur. 

Tryouts came before we knew it...ugh!  5 days of clinics and then a 6th day of tryouts!!!  She came home excited everyday as she mastered her level 3 skills.  There were days she called from the car to tell me what she did that day.  Well, it clicked for me that this is her sport.  I am lucky she found it at such a young age.  I haven't had to take her to a million activities to figure it out.  She did gymnastics which turned into this.  During that time she did dance, hated it.  She did Soccer hated it (I was her Coach, Oy Vey!) and did rec cheer which she like but all she wanted was to fly and tumble.  She said no Pom-Pom's Mama.  I was like WTF??  That's what cheerleading is....Honestly, I never liked the cheerleaders when I was in school.  Then I realized she wanted to do cheerleading like she said on ESPN MA!  What does a 5 yr old know about ESPN?  Ahhhh the DH.  Gee, thanks!

So, the new season has begun and she is finally a level 3, AMEN! Thank you lord!  She can finally do something challenging.  Another reason I knew it wasn't a phase...she waited a year to use the skills she had. 

Well, I am off to plan the summer week by week.  I have only 2 weeks planned.  Any ideas??

Here's to 2010-2011 Competition Season!

Peace, Love & Cheer