Sunday, March 18, 2018

Most People are Other People. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their life is mimicry, their passions is a quotation. ~Oscar Wilde

I must confess my opinion may not always be the most popular opinion but that is okay.

I look at posts of the Cheer Mom's that I am still friends with, not many.  Friendships fade when you are not spending weekends with the Mom's in Orlando, Dallas or Daytona.   Did you really have anything in common with these people to begin with? It made me think back then and I know now that I really did not then and I don't know. 

I remember starting out in the Cheer World and we had no idea what World's was.  The Summit didn't exists and neither did the D2 Summit....What's next D2 World's?? But one thing remains the same, it is all about Varsity making money and lots of it.  I wish it was a public company because I would buy stock.  Why? Because as the years went by, I bought into all of it!  And I think my credit cards are still paying for it.

My daughter has bins full of cheer shirts....Probably spent at least $500 on those.  Some I will pas down to another cheerleader whose Mom drank the Kool Aid.  I don't know what it is about Varsity, do they put something in the air at these competitions?  And don't forget all the Backpacks they "won" at competitions.  Where are these?  All shoved into one bag in my garage.  We never got the coveted UCA jacket.  But if she did, no one cares here. 

Ya see, All Star Cheerleading is regional.  There were small gyms all over where we once lived.  Now, not one in our town and the one closest to us....Well, I don't think they have a full floor and the ceiling is quite low.   OUCH!

I have to admit at first they thought she was from Cheer Athletics based on a shirt she wore for High School tryouts.  Once they found out she wasn't, they really did not care.  Did they ask if she knew Gabi Butler? They most certainly did.  She said "yes" and it was cool for less than 5 minutes. 

Ya know what, they do need a D2 Worlds.  Varsity destroys some of these programs.  They have incredible athletes with level 5 skills and they all leave and drive 2 hours each way to be at the Big gyms.  So, all the little gyms can't make it past Level 4.  If these athletes stayed? Would they ever make it to Worlds anyway? It is the same teams every year.  People still pay to see them.  I would like to see Power Cheer All-Stars from Port Orange make it to Worlds.  They have been around 20 years!  But maybe the girls decide to drive to Orlando to go to Top Gun. 

D2 Worlds? Please Varsity go public!  I want stock.  Because these parents will buy right in. 

Anyhow, signing off for now.  I gotta work and pay off those cheer credit cards from a decade ago.

Peace, Love & Cheer

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I must confess it has been a long time since my last confession

I am going to pick back up where I left off with this....I saw someone post this on facebook this morning. Yes, one of the few Cheer Mom's I am still friends with.  Why? Because when cheer ends the friendship usually does because you never had anything in common to begin with!  I would like to share my post All-Star Cheer Mom thoughts....

Dear Prospective Cheer Mom and Dad,
Get ready for a crazy ride.
You’ll wear your heart on your sleeve
and it'll get stuck in your throat.
You won’t know what to say
and you’ll say way too much. Oh yes you will!
You’ll watch every moment
like it’s your kid in the olympics.
You’ll scream.
You’ll cry.
You’ll gasp.
You’ll sigh.
You’ll wish she picked another sport. Amen 
And wonder when she’ll quit.  Everday
You’ll know she’s addicted
when you hear 8 counts coming from her bedroom,
she begs for a trampoline for her birthday,
manages handstands in the hallways,
and tucks on the lawn.
And you’ll let her be addicted. What was I thinking?
You’ll learn how to hold your breath
for two and a half minutes.
Every heartbeat filled with passion
and cheer
will be impossible, nail-biting, excruciating
You'll learn how to:
kill time
make new friends  Real Friends?
count to 8
the lyrics to every song with the word “Champion” in it
make soft pretzels a main meal
and pretend you’re not bored and exhausted. 
You’ll lose:
your voice
your mind Still trying to get it back
your hearing
your patience
and your bank account... My Bank account is still suffering
and you'll do it all over again next year.
You’ll listen to the same hiphop music over and over
and bob your head
even when it’s the 188th time they’ve played it.
You’ll find yourself
inside of her sweet sparkle
and her fierceness
and you’ll know where she gets it from.
You’ll make sure she knows
you have her back, front and sideways,
no matter what
no matter when
no matter how.
You’ll make sure she knows she’s a
a Warrior
an Athlete
a Role Model
a Teacher
and a Leader.
And that she matters
beyond win or lose
beyond good or bad
beyond her perfect mistakes.
You’ll wish you didn’t feel
every nerve she feels.
You’ll wish you didn’t feel
every disappointment like it’s yours.
You’ll wish you didn’t react
to every athlete’s stumble, fall and injury
like it’s your kid.
You’ll pray for the win
console after the loss
remind her why she loves this on the way home
and drive her back to practice the next day.
You’ll want her coach to find the words
that don’t mean as much coming from you.
And they will.
You’ll dream of Starbucks at the venue,
one tucked in the corner of your gym
and of naps
and drama-less days.
But you wouldn’t trade this for anything else…Say What???
You’ll master multitasking skills like you never thought possible.
You’ll want a bedazzled shirt for that
and you’ll deserve it. You can find my $50 Bedazzled Shirts at Goodwill
You’ll get one that says:
Cheer Mom or Cheer Dad!
because your cheerleader is:
the biggest light
and love
in your world
and you’ll want everyone to know it.
We get it.
A Cheer Mom 

In the end my daughter still love cheer and has channeled her passion into coaching but those bags, bows, t-shirts and jackets will go in a box or for sale on Poshmark.

Peace Out 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.

Better late than never but I must confess that I was majorly impressed with the Summit!  For a first year event, it blew me away.  It was organized, not overcrowded and ran on time.  The teams were the best of the best!  I am sure next year will be even better.

This competition will always hold a special place in my heart because it will probably be the last competition my daughter will ever compete at as an all-star cheerleader.

It was also very special because another gym needed an athlete to fill in and asked my daughter.  We of course asked for permission of our gym.  We were so grateful they let us help out the other team.  We are so proud that she learned the routine in 2 and a half weeks.  Cheer Florida is an amazing program and they made my daughter feel so welcome. Rob & Katia Goldstein are wonderful parents as well as gym owners.  My daughter got the pleasure to base their daughter Becca who is an all around amazing cheerleader.  Each and every practice these parents supported these kids and made them feel like champions.  The first practice my daughter attended she was greeted with a great big blingy sign welcoming her!  The coaches were amazing as well.  Rachal lead them to a 3rd place win at the Summit. What a great way for my daughter to end her cheer career.

Unfortunately, shortly after returning from the Summit she was working on standing tucks and broke her Left Tibia.  In 2011, she was diagnosed with Monostotic Fibrous Dysplaysia.  She was told she could still do sports but she needed to be careful.  She broke her Left Tibia in March 2012, so after her diagnosis and 2 breaks the doctor has not cleared her to cheer.

So, we do not know where we will go from here. She is in a cast for a couple weeks then an air cast and maybe surgery.  We shall see what the future brings.

Keep Calm and Blog On,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

“Games give you a chance to excel, and if you're playing in good company you don't even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.”

I must confess I am EXHAUSTED!  And it is not over yet.  We still have the Summit this weekend!  Daytona, Worlds and the Summit!  It is total Cheer OVERLOAD!

I have bee trying not to address the Sportsmanship issue but I feel with the season coming to an end that it is time. But, I am referring to all sports not just cheerleading.  I have lots of different friends on facebook and other social media.  The posts I see are just outrageous at times.

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone is hiding behind Social Media.  When I first started doing sports with my children, it was not like this.  People were a lot more careful about what they said because they didn't want conflict.  With Facebook and twitter to hide behind, people seem to say anything they want.  It still comes back to you and it is still a reflection upon the program you are with.  In addition, kids are a reflection of their parents.  If they see that we post that such and such team were sore losers, they are going to feel they can do it too!

I was speaking to a principal from an elementary school and she told me how much she dislikes when parents post pictures of their kids report cards or awards on Social Media.  Some kids try hard and don't get good grades or get honor roll certificates.  I would think owners of cheer programs would feel the same.

My biggest pet peeve of the cheer world is when people come back from a competition and post things like all our teams got 1st when 1 or more of their teams did not even have competition in their division. I feel the most professional and classy way to post on Social Media is to say my child's TEAM put on an amazing performance this weekend.  1st place, 2nd place.....who cares?  Yes, I enjoy winning.  I get caught up in it too! I enjoy it because I see how hard they work and how much they progress.  

I was wondering if any gyms had Social Media policies in relation to their athletes and/or parents.  If a parent or athlete gets on Social Media and bashes another program they should be reprimanded for it.  A lot of gyms have owners who don't even have a Facebook, twitter or instagram account.  Parents bashing other programs on Facebook is just tacky.  Sometimes, things are better left unsaid!

I hate seeing kids in any sport get on Twitter and brag.  I have heard stories from parents all over the country and I have been asked to write a blog about it.  I had suggested it to another blogger and they have not done it so I thought I would.  Parents and Athletes, sometimes it is best to just say nothing at al!  Let Karma take care of it!

I know there are a lot of Varsity haters out there but I must say that Worlds was a huge improvement over last year.  The sessions were run well.  There was a Disney employee counting how many people entered the facility.  There were still a lot of fights over seats but if you went to Security, they helped you find a seat or they asked the person saving the seat to give it up.  They also threatened to confiscate any bag left on a chair and considered it lost.  I don't know if it did or did not happen but they were enforcing the rules.  In addition, they ran almost on or before schedule.  My only suggestion for next year is to keep the third session awards in the Field House.  There was no point in moving everyone over to the tent for awards.  Two snaps up for Varsity!  A huge improvement over last year!

I want to congratulate all the winners and all the participants at Worlds.  I saw some amazing teams that I have never seen before.  I saw some gyms with first year Worlds teams that were amazing.

Good Luck at the Summit everyone and I hope to have a positive blog about how well Varsity does with the Inaugural Summit!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

People will always have opinions about your decision because they're not courageous enough to take action on their opinion.

I must confess I feel the need to tell some people to just keep their opinions to themselves.  Unless someone asks you for their opinion, don't give it.  Why does everyone have to put in their two cents?

I have heard so many negative statements about cheer programs in the South Florida area and most of these statement were made by people who were never part of those cheer programs to begin with.  Everyone is looking for something different in a cheer program.  Some girls want to win Worlds and some just want to win UCA.  Let people formulate their own opinion.  In addition, cheer programs grow and change and learn from their mistakes.

Some people may say I am a gym hopper but it takes time for all of us to find a place to call home.

What do you look for in a cheer gym? Well, it all depends on who you are and what your cheerleader wants.

1.  Location - If you have other children in other sports you may want to stay close to home.
2. Car Pool - If you decide you want to go to a gym far from home, is there a car pool available?
3. Coaching Style - Some athletes do well with firm coaches and some do better with more easy going coaches.
4. Practice Times - Does it fit in your schedule?  Are they too late?  Can you get out of work and get your chid their on time?
5. Competition Schedule - Do you like to travel? or Do you like more local competitions?
6. Cost - In this economy cost is a factor in everything we do.
7. Fundraising Opportunities - some gyms make it easy for you to raise money for competition fees and some don't.
8. Uniform - Does your child feel comfortable in a crop top uniform?

Let people formulate their own opinion.  You may have had a bad experience with that gym but someone else may love it.  Don't ruin it for someone especially if they are already there.  Personally, I have been in the cheer world so long that it doesn't bother me in anyway so don't even bother.